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You'll be or marksman a hybrid that is marksman

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This is just Blizzards way of bribing its community that is missing back. They will (since they have shown over and over again) screw over everyone in one way or another. I am not gonna fall for this BS. I am done with Blizzard fully and have done because MoP. Blizzard is imploding and they are stopping at nothing to get everyone back. They do not care about their community, they simply care for how much money they can put into their bank!!? If Blizzard made Classic server but using good stuff's from other expansions such as - Dungeon and Raid finder, 2v2 and 3v3 and 5v5 arena, Some particular weapons which you take from enjoying stadium's and only adding more stuff to Gold in WoW Classic without ruin the entire game.Everything is scaled you can not ever attack a mob higher level than you being in a group of 2 leaves WoW Classic retarded. Being in a bunch of 1 is retarded cause its easy mode. Pvp is opt in or out, but you have flat 20s in same place as level 50s leveling 30,, with all the world pvp is ruined. There are no mobs. You will find graveyards so death has no meaning. So gold has no significance, game is flooded with gold. In fact nothing has purpose or some obstacle or reward.

BFA is complete shit for leveling up. was made by them this way so folks will just pay to increase to max level. Tons of other dreadful things hierlooms, heirlooms also destroy pvp battlegrounds at lower levels, there aren't any category quests, super easy manner dungeons, LFG destroys WoW Classic, level up so quickly your gear means nothing and is substituted instantly, no talent trees, no community at all, merged servers you never observe the same person once, smaller world due to teleporting and automobile zoning, more flight points everywhere ruining it, mount super soon ruining size of entire world. So much alterations that are horrible. devs are fucking retards.

Warrior- Leveling warrior isn't easy nor fast usually locating yourself in need of assistance on course quests or even waiting a few more levels to perform it unless you happened to have spent a great deal of time farming which right pair of blue equipment or lost gold onto a purp weapon. Unless your hardcore equipment to it warrior is better as the 2nd character of someone. As well too with warriors endgame you are going to be following leather competing against the rogues in classic plate has been made for tanking stats. Unless your the guild leader or top officer calling gear shots you'll probably be hurting.

Paladin- Paladins are easy to flat and also you may do fine low-level tanking (sort of w/o a taunt) as well as dps as ret or healing. As ret your dps will always be subpar significantly until it is possible to aquire some quite rare and pricey endgame pieces. One will be IF it allows a retadin only allowed by A raid of keeping specific things on the boss that don't help your dps but instead everyone else with the task. The only way around is if your guild leader or top officer as well and you'll be competing against rogues, feral druids, enh shaman's, and dps warriors for gear and they WILL take precedence unless the the shot receiver.

Shadow priests aren't desired in classic endgame content and you are going to be stuck healing or gtfo. You will NOT be beast command or survalist or GTFO. You'll be or marksman a hybrid that is marksman Buy WoW Classic Items. The other two just don't succeed in raid dps.The other courses have less issues in regards to endgame and acceptability. Of course it will also be dependent on whether Blizzard releases a classic or leaves a few alterations of supervision such as equipment and giving non warriors growth tanks a taunt.

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