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Remove FFXIV Gil Selling from Social Network

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To be honest, if MMOs really want to do this, they can (to a reasonable extent). The process is similar to identifying sibyls (a cluster of fake profiles) in social networks. The goal should be to identify 1) the robots that feed Gil (prohibit these robots), and 2) the robots that deliver Gil for purchase (do not prohibit these robots).

(1) It's hard to find, but it works. The way they use to generate Gil is well known - for example, there is a task in quarrymill, and you'll see these robots running in large groups from time to time. An alert should be raised when a given number of people quickly and continuously complete the same non level upper limit task. Other methods (out of range cultivation, etc.) have feasible tracking methods. Comparing the behavior with the buying and selling tendencies of the board of directors and their gil 's whereabouts may very accurately detect Siberia.

(2) It's easy to track by analyzing game behavior and sending / receiving FFXIV gil. You do not prohibit the use of these because you want to know who is providing gil and who is receiving gil from them. However, this is a bit imperfect because behavior can change, but many of them tend to be difficult to solve (for example, there are only many ways to transfer gold).

The problem is that these are very complex things to track - not because it's difficult to analyze, but because they're things that we're going to track in systems that aren't designed to track it. Although everything except the original collection can be processed by a dedicated server, it can also become expensive in terms of processor resources. These are algorithms that companies like Facebook and tuenti spend millions of dollars researching or buying.

The crux of the matter is that it takes a lot of time and programming resources to invest, and then analysts need to investigate the tagged profile.

Of course, there are other ways to deal with it - tunenti now uses Integro, which doesn't look for forged personal data, but instead looks for people who might be associated with forged personal data, where it's easy to find forged personal data. If you do this kind of research, it will be very interesting. The idea here is to look for the things of those who have a lot of gil but have no reasonable means to obtain it - for example, the craftsmen are under 60 years old, the collectors are under 60 years old, the number of carefully made and collected items, almost no relevant ex primals removal, etc., as well as market practices, desynth level, how many gils have been given to them, what do you have. Give all these weights, make a list of the top 1000 Gil holders of each server (properly evaluate the attributes, combine the characters in the account according to the server), rank all things according to the weights, and finally get a list of people who are likely to have purchased gil . From there, see who gave them gil , and then you have gil Muzi (or delivery boy).

Again, the problem here is that it costs resources - Implementation resources and oversight resources.

That's why you'll never see Gil spammers really solve it.

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